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Carpet Design, ABACUS Tibetan Wool and Silk (As shown) 96 x 120 (244 x 305 cms)
1980 Patent Registration The Asflexi 2-Seater Prototype No. 03 Initiated at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. NFS.
Athena Carpet David Shaw Nicholls Classic Collection Tibetan hand carded wool. Silk flecks and grid. 120″ x  168″ (305 x 427 cms.), as program, listed. Bespoke Size as shown (549″...
BEAST ASTON Original Prototype #2 OFF 3 produced Lacquered finish on wood, in bespoke pigment.  Polished aircraft aluminium CAD/CAM turned leg supports. Original BEAST Enameled  tag attached, edition signed and...
40,000.00 18,000.00
Tibetan “DSN” Purple label. 120″ X 168″ (305 X 427 cms.) as displayed. Custom tailored by “DSN” studio.
Mirzapur India, temple Rana Chivalry Genome Carpets each one unique, programmed with you alone in mind.Your name is embossed on the DSN Design. 2 0ff 400 shown.
Constantinople Tibetan 108 x 144 (275 x 365.76 cms)
Tibetan Carpet David Shaw Nicholls Classic Collection 36″ x 144″(92 x 366 cms) Runner dimension and priced as shown. Maui design is programmed for tailored making in room and mansion...

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