CHIVALRY GENOME, Your DNA as your artwork.


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DESIGN: CHIVALRY GENOME, Your DNA artwork is the design.

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM:  Design area rug in pure, soft wool, which captures uniquely for your character, your physical make-up in its design and color. This one has your name on it. This about what design best sums you up, expressed in dialogue with us via internet at ( Quite Literally yours is unique. A specially embroidered “green”label, stitched and numbered accordingly is attached. No other such composition shall exist.

EDITION: Limited to 128

PROVENANCE: All designs are specially programmed to be “one-off”,  restricted to ©DAVID SHAW NICHOLLS. No reproductions permitted.

SIZE: 5′-6″ x 8′-6″ (168 x 260 cms.)

NOTE: Delivered, short order, rolled and ready for your home.

DELIVERY: Global basis at your discretion.

PRICE: $950.