1989 - DAVID SHAW NICHOLLS Modern Rugs

“DSN” Launches DAVID SHAW NICHOLLS Modern Rugs. Multiple travels to India and Nepal establishing hand weaving carpet and textile production of his designs. 1984 – Present. The concept was simple, “modern classic”carpets for a new carpet industry and fresh, new interior design. Roscoe Award for Sikri Collection and ICFF New York Editors Annual award”FLOORCOVERINGS”. New showrooms in New York and Miami Design District and a USA national distribution network of his own designs. Notables: BADOURA, ABACUS. LIMA, MAUI, HAVANA, TZAR, CONSTANTINOPLE, FLORES, PALIO + 100 registered designs.

Image: Hon. Sonam Norbu, Tibetan Carpet Expert working with “DSN”.