1976 - Edinburgh College of ART

Edinburgh College of Art.

“DSN”entered  college with a focus on Fine Art and continue painting.

A bolt of lightning and something strange happened, he found a passion and curiosity for the reason behind the source of things, all that which appears around us.  Where do they come from and why?…..from a chair to a building.

“Design, what is it and why do it……where does it come from ?”

At ECA, furniture was focused upon the craft and the making of wooden pieces. It had a fully functioning wood shop. Design and machining  cold steel was not on the horizon but this did serve as the technology to best express the minimalist lines of the young designer. The upholstery, screening and even tabletop could best utilize stainless steel wire cloth technologies and the advanced products, spun-off from the Oil and Gas sector.

Accepting an industrial sponsorship to set up ASFLEXI LTD, to produce and market his minimalist furniture collection.  Prior to his departure, delivers his “Why Design?” paper to the ECA upper school.