1980 - EDINBURGH FESTIVAL, Prescote Gallery

Asflexi Ltd is formed for the manufacture of “DSN” minimalist furniture. Jake Harvey the head of sculpture school at Edinburgh College of Art, facilitated the first prototype to be welded in the ECA sculpture department, truly “The only place in town tubular metal, could be welded”.  The two-seater unit was created and launched at The Edinburgh Festival, Scotland in 1978. Invited by the Prescote Gallery (Oxon, Banbury), along with John Makepeace, Martin Greirson and the British Designer (wood) Craftsmen. DSN Asflexi pieces are launched at the newly opened City Arts Centre. A walk down the road to the Richard De Marco Gallery and there is Joseph Beuys, setting up his installation. “He was an energy force to be figured out, more of a soldier than a priest, as I understood.” DSN 

Edinburgh International Festival,  Official  Program, pp.51. 1980