1986 - The Bridge “Re-Dux” Zaha H.

DSN Meets with Zaha Hadid in her London practice and completes the re-design of Ponte Dell Academia proposal, for the meeting. She is a visionary.”That was a good day. We talked and I listened, about all the problems about building and getting her things done in London.”I adored Zaha. She just wanted to get building. Last time I saw her was when she descended the main stair at MoMa with PJohnson to accept her award. 

DSN Leaves London, back to Glasgow.  Scheduled to meet with Frank Gehry Architects in Los Angeles. DSN carries with him a personal recommendation,  letter for hire, handwritten by Ettore Sottsass to his friend Frank O”.  “Caro Frank, Ciao, how are you?…etc….etc…etc..by the way do not hire David!.”