1981 - Willem de Kooning Loft, Ward Bennet, Michael Graves, Philip Johnson &. NYC




“DSN” guest in the NYC Loft of Willem de Kooning (WDK)  and writes the poem “No Crouching in the Gallery”. This as a result as he is guided to view “Woman I” in MoMa, New York. No benches, nowhere to sit in the gallery, he squatted down to study the painting. The guard approached and cautioned, “Excuse me sir, there’s no crouching in the gallery”. DSN returned home to peruse through the fifty W.D.K. paintings up close, stacked in shipments, leaning to the walls and no rush. (Pencil and pen sketches in the WDK loft by DSN.

In The Dakota Apartments, CPW. NYC, “DSN”  Re-connects with Ward Bennet ( Herman Miller) after their initial meeting at Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Exhibition  and Asflexi Launch in Glasgow, Scotland (1980). Michael Graves provided invaluable connections to know Philip Johnson, Larry Cadwallader (Knoll) and George Nelson. Intended to stay in NYC for one week, but remained for one month, prior to going to Milan.

Totally loved New York City and destined to return.