David is an artist and designer born in Scotland. He lives and works in Europe and USA, travelling the world to oversee his manufacturing facilities and foster his clientele.

His first minimalist furniture firm ASFLEXI, won him acclaim in the contemporary design community and drew him to be based in Milan in the 80’s a time when the world of design was re-born and pushing new frontiers. David Shaw Nicholls then moved to New York and opened Architecture and Design office. This phase also saw the launch of his furniture company BEAST, more than a nod to Milan days and DAVID SHAW NICHOLLS MODERN RUGS, radical for their originality and simplicity comprising over 160 designs, programmed for be-spoke tailoring.

While based in Scotland he has embraced an additional phase of FINE ART, frenetic line drawing converted into PRINTMAKING and plate etching for “VR” exhibition and entertainment. He is also focused upon his ARKHABITAT research, up-cycling redundant assets, anti-seismic and tsunami stifling structures.

EMAIL : design@davidshawnicholls.com

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